Property Documents

If you can prove ownership to a Harbor Lights condo, you can contact the general manager and request the following documents by e-mail:

Amendments to the By-Laws
1st Amendment to the Declaration - Unit Names
2nd Amendment - Architect's Certification and A414-416
Amendment to perform up to $20k Alterations
Amendment to change the Board to seven members
Amendment to adopt HRS 514b and resolution
Amendment for Collections from Tenants (rent interception)
Amendment to incorporate House Rules to the By-laws
Amendment to make Harbor Lights a NO PETS property
Declaration of the Horizontal Property Regime
Condo Insurance Summary
 (see below for more insurance info)
Collections Policy
Violence in the Workplace Policy
Window Replacement Policy
Eviction Policy
Insurance Purchasing Policy
Late Fee Policy
Reserve Study
Audited Financial Statement
Current Financial Statement
House Rules

In addition you can retrieve a property map by following this link

On March 31, 2011 the resolution to adopt HRS Chapter 514b was recorded by the State of Hawaii Bureau of Conveyances which gives the Board of Directors specific remedies to enforce the House Rules and keep the property running efficiently and legally.




Contact Insurance Associates

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